Jayne Marlowe writes stories featuring grown up women of color doing grown up things and having to make grown up decisions that aren’t always easy or good.

She began writing at a young age because she wanted to read stories where a curvy, Black girl like her was the lead and not simply the ethnic comic sidekick–or side chick.

Born and raised a Southern girl, Jayne remembers life before the Internet and loves reading, music, animals, comic books, cartoons, retro things, vintage things, fried food, real cars made out of real steel, and people who have a sense of humor.

She is very ticklish.

If you’re looking for your typical polite heroines and asshole Alpha males–you’ll be disappointed. I’ve always been more fascinated by ordinary people caught up in extraordinary circumstances. My characters are pretty normal, even if their lives aren’t.

Jayne Marlowe

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Miss Propriety

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