The Summer of Consent: A Novel

summer of consent book cover
A Novel

When does a girl become a woman?

Is it when she graduates high school?

When she turns eighteen?

Or when she loses her virginity…?

Gloria Goodman couldn’t wait to graduate and to be of legal age. Living in an abusive home and then in foster care matured her beyond her years. Now she needs to earn extra money this summer before moving away to college and away from her former life. She’s found the perfect job, but the man doing the hiring doesn’t like her.

Nate Larsen is the sexy, popular, high school biology teacher the girls lust for and the boys admire. Uninterested in the flirty and flighty students he teaches, he remembers “Gloomy Gloria” because she nearly failed his class. He’s not happy to see her apply for the job he reserved for his favorite student, who is also Gloria’s best friend. But he desperately needs help over the summer term, and when Gloria impresses him with her office skills, he sees her in a new way that’s not entirely academic—nor professional.

Gloria may be eighteen and never been kissed…but she’s still too young for him. Isn’t she? As the summer heats up, so does Gloria and Nate’s desire for each other. Can they contain themselves? Will others use their secret to destroy them? Or will their behavior spawn consequences?