Becoming Eva: A Novella

Becoming Eva novella book cover

Before she was a sexual being, Eva Cavell was a virgin.

As the youngest child of a prominent African-American family, a lot of pressure has been put on her to be perfect–and obedient.

But she has her own plans, and now that she’s graduated from high school, she wants to handle her own business beyond the reach of her parents.

When her first job results in demotion and humiliation, Eva finds comfort—and revenge—in the arms of handsome co-worker Casey Weller.

Casey helps Eva discover things about her that neither she nor her parents would ever believe because she’s always been such a good girl. Casey is the first to spark the fire inside the woman she would eventually become.

But when the police come around asking questions about some suspicious activity, will she maintain her reputation or will her rebellious relationship with Casey be her downfall?

Note: Although this is a short story novella. There are no spoilers and can be read independently of the novel .

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