Women on Words Podcast – August 13, 2019

Ever wonder if I’m a real person?

Want to hear what I sound like?

Got questions about Eva…or Gloria?

Then join me here!

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I’ll be chatting with authors Xyla Turner and Siera London

Date: August 13, 2019

Time: 8:00 PM EST

Phone Call Number to call: (917) 889-7034 (Please dial in 5 minutes prior)

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Jayne Marlowe

Jayne Marlowe is a child of the 1970s, a Gen-Xer looking for her lost tribe. She writes interracial stories featuring curvy Black women who defy stereotype and genre conventions. Her interests include reading, music, animals, Archie comic books, cartoons, retro things, vintage things, fried food, real cars made out of real steel, and people who have a sense of humor. When she isn’t writing, Jayne is getting inspiration for future stories by reading, travelling, and her music tastes range from ABBA to The Zapp Band. She has received more than one indecent proposal in her life...but was too chicken to accept...more often than not, anyway. So she uses them as “what if” scenarios for her books! She is left handed and very ticklish.

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