Music for the Muse: “All About Eva” Soundtrack

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Something you may have learned about me is that I get inspiration from music and All About Eva is no exception. If I can’t have books, I better have music. If I can’t have either, is life worth living?

What I’m doing is a little risky because it might be TMI for some people who prefer to preserve the mystery of things like this. Just like how some readers don’t want authors to say (admit) “Character X is based on Celebrity Y” and ruin their imagination, some may take offense that their Number One Song of All Time inspired one of my sex scenes.

All About Eva book cover

But I’m gonna risk it anyway.

Many writers create a playlist to correspond with the project they are working on, and below you will find mine.

It’s a pretty eclectic list of music. I got classic R&B, disco, ska, alternative…and this is just the main list. There are a handful of other songs, but the ones listed below are my go-tos.

I’m sure you’ll recognize some of them—and if you recognize all of ’em—then we need to talk!

  •  “Y Viva Suspenders” – Judge Dredd
  • “Breaking Down” –  Randy Crawford
  • “Temptation Eyes” – The Grass Roots
  •  “Fever” – Peggy Lee
  •  “I Touch Myself” – The Divynls
  •  “Please Don’t Go” – K.C. & The Sunshine Band
  •  “In the Warm Room” – Kate Bush
  •  “Brass in Pocket” – The Pretenders
  •  “Wild Night” – Van Morrison
  •  “Everybody Plays the Fool” – The Main Ingredient
  •  “Say It’s Not Too Late” – Matt Bianco
  •  “Meant to Be” – Squirrel Nut Zippers
  •  “Family Affair” – Sly and the Family Stone
  •  “Driving Me Mad” – The Hotknives
  •  “Love Bizarre” – Shelia E
  •  “More” – Sisters of Mercy
  •  “Back to the Underground” – Agent 99
  •  “Tempted” – Squeeze
  •  “The Bitterest Pill” – The Jam
  •  “Body and Soul”- Sisters of Mercy
  •  “I Want You” – Elvis Costello
  •  “Jane Bondage” – Skapa
  •  “Why Should I Love You” – Kate Bush
  •  “The Real End” – Rickie Lee Jones
  • “Coffee & Cream” – Idle Hands Collective

Next, I’ll tell you how comic books and graphic novels play a role in All About Eva and share with you some of my favorite comics and graphic novels.

Jayne Marlowe

Jayne Marlowe is a child of the 1970s, a Gen-Xer looking for her lost tribe. She writes interracial stories featuring curvy Black women who defy stereotype and genre conventions. Her interests include reading, music, animals, Archie comic books, cartoons, retro things, vintage things, fried food, real cars made out of real steel, and people who have a sense of humor. When she isn’t writing, Jayne is getting inspiration for future stories by reading, travelling, and her music tastes range from ABBA to The Zapp Band. She has received more than one indecent proposal in her life...but was too chicken to accept...more often than not, anyway. So she uses them as “what if” scenarios for her books! She is left handed and very ticklish.

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